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Sandbox Group produces creative solutions which help you develop and enhance your operations by improving the indoor environment.


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First aid for your indoor air problems

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The protection of human

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Vitality for home and office

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Products for the improvement of the indoor environments

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Sandbox Group

The human is in the center of it all. Therefore, our entire service model is built on a dialogue which helps us produce real value to our customers. Understanding and being understood is the core of our work.

Improving the indoor environment is a business investment like any other. Our evoking service solutions will help you make good investment decisions that will benefit both the real-estate owners and the facility users.

Why we are different? We combine the facts, expertise, dialogue and human approach. In addition, we communicate in a way that everybody understands. It is our mission to protect and help people!

We know that in the middle of everyday hurry it can be difficult to find a professional expert. We aim to be trustworthy by working in an ambitious, committed and solution-focused manner. We handle even the largest challenges professionally. Our principle is to share our knowledge, ideas and goals openly because alone no-one is as smart as we are together.

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