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In our web store we offer the best products in the market for the improvement of indoor environment.

Indoor air quality is a hot topic nowadays at schools and offices, but private households need professional help to improve their indoor air just as well.

The experts at™ web store will assist you to find a good quality air purifier that meets your needs. We focus carefully on the features of each product and only offer the best models on the market. In addition, we specialize in respiratory protection products that clean the air we breathe, and offer products that promote vitality and clean air. >

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Sandbox Oy (Ltd) is a company based in Tampere, Finland which develops innovative solution for better indoor air.

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Jani Moberg

Jani Moberg

CEO, service developer

tel. +358 10 420 6069

Mika Heino

Mika Heino

Service manager

tel. +358 10 420 6068

Noora Riihinen

Noora Riihinen

Support services

tel. +358 10 420 6060

Artturi Piisaari

Artturi Piisaari

ICT expert

tel. +358 10 328 6173