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We develop unique appliances and solutions for enhancement of indoor air and indoor environment – in a humane manner.

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We will help make good investment decisions that will benefit both the real-estate owners and the facility users.

Why we are different? We combine the facts, expertise, dialogue and human approach. In addition, we communicate in a way that everybody understands. It is our mission to protect and help people! >

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Sandbox Oy (Ltd) is a company based in Tampere, Finland which develops innovative solution for better indoor air, lighting and cleanliness.

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Jani Moberg

Jani Moberg

CEO, service developer

tel. +358 10 420 6069

Mika Heino

Mika Heino

Service manager

tel. +358 10 420 6068

Noora Riihinen

Noora Riihinen

Support services

tel. +358 10 420 6060

Artturi Piisaari

Artturi Piisaari

ICT expert

tel. +358 10 328 6173